what to consider when designing private gardens

It is said that landscapes belong to anyone who looks at them. Nevertheless, and even when only nature can reach perfection levels, one can always be the architect of their own environment, particularly when it is about your place. Designing private gardens is not blowing bubbles, and yet there are some key points which can be helpful to try it by yourself.

What eyes see

Everything seen by someone, no matter whether owner or visitor, is going to be considered and evaluated as a whole. Therefore, designed gardens should not leave any aspect out of control, regardless how minimal that detail may seem. Moreover, since you will decide the arrangements, where goes what, how to present this or that and so, your criteria must be widely open so as to find coherence in the final product. Then, the first recommendation is to begin with the very big.

Inverted pyramid

Exterior design techniques are indeed relevant, but not indispensable for getting good results. Going from the main aspects to the particular ones is a starting point and should not be ignored. As in an inverted pyramid, first impressions come from the most dominant aspect of an image, which applied to garden design means main color seen, biggest objects disposition and general structuring. Once you have defined and implemented the basic structure, you may go on with the next stage, specific decoration.

Space utilization

Strategies for designing private gardens will depend on how much space you have, being that an obvious restriction, but also a hidden opportunity. If larger, the more common question will be how to fill in the gaps, which can be tricky, misleading to the temptation of fulfilling space with no criteria. When smaller, it will be crucial to discover how to make the best use of commonly useless spaces, like the walls or even the ceiling.

Timeless or seasonal

Another issue to bear in mind when planning gardens design is whether the decoration comes from seasonal elements or durable materials. That question may have to be answered considering the place itself, for instance: how exposed it is to weather changes, how much wind or rain or light excess are plants or wooden furniture going to deal with, and so.

Secret tips

After all these assets, and considering that we are talking about private gardens design -which means that only specific people are going to have access to them -and criticize them, there are some specific tips which can be hold in mind before planning it:

  • Pick up a dominant color or theme, which will create the most general sight effect of the landscape.
  • Find its proper decoration, that can be made out of plants, furniture, art pieces or personal crafts.
  • Imagine what your personal touch will be, that is the key for every unique garden.
  • Use long-lasting plants or prepare to change them periodically.
  • Budget is not a restriction; inventiveness is always a solution.

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