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When we want to learn to play an instrument or practice some sport, we want to have the skills of great professionals in a short time. And that’s how it happens also in golf. When we start our golf lessons, as newbies we quickly want to start playing golf. After taking the first classes with a golf instructor we immediately think about how to get a golf handicap and start going out to play the field. But there are a number of recommendations that you should follow to achieve it. In this article, we will talk abou what is the best way to get a Golf handicap.

What are the first steps to get a golf handicap?

The first thing you should know is that before applying for the handicap and starting to go out to the field it is necessary to have the knowledge and practice given by a previous training period. All this may be preceded by an approach to a practice court or a pitch & putt, or a large golf course, that allows us to get basic ideas of this sport and learn the rules of golf.

The golf handicap is the evaluation that an amateur player needs. The Handicap indicates the number of strokes that are made in a course, generally higher than that made by an amateur player, with respect to the stipulated number of strokes or field pair.

Who is in charge of the valuation?

The responsibility for this assessment and its frequent update process and required changes is the responsibility of the federation or national golf association of each country.

The best way to avoid having bad techniques is to take classes with qualified personnel with the necessary experience to obtain the best knowledge and appropriate habits. Given the complexity of this sport, it takes a few months of a good course. Once the preparation has begun, your teacher will take care of the certification. When your level is adequate to be able to go out to the field. A theoretical exam by the school
or the territorial golf federation. This exam is about golf rules and the rules of etiquette that must be kept in the game that must also be passed. Once the previous steps have been approved and completed, you can get a golf handicap and also have your own license to play in all the golf courses you want.

Some recommendations to keep in mind for getting a golf handicap

We recommend you check the calls that the golf federation regularly plans. And so you can sign up for the test that the federation periodically designs. So, that interested people can present golf exams in different fields.

After getting golf handicap you can compete with golfers of different levels in the same tournament or match. The Handicap system allows to know the skills of each player and prevents a beginner from confronting a top-level golf player. When you have all the above ready and you have already learned the technique very well… When you are able to go out to play the golf course with the assurance that you carry out blows with good direction and distance; it will be your time to enjoy this great sport pleasantly.

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