Things to keep in mind when doing a golf course renovation

If you are looking for a passionate sport full of cliffhangers, then Golf is one of our main candidates. Even when uninitiated people could perceive it as too calm and slow, it would not take much time to convince them on what is the most exciting about this sport, like the close contact with nature and self-concentration while competing. That combination is hardly possible to accomplish without a proper golf course renovation and modernization, which is a must to keep players and fans captivated.


Currently, there is a permanent need to enforce the playability of the course and that is the reason why upgrading tees, bunkers and greens (the course itself) is not under discussion. This will not only require state-of-the-art materials, but also careful consideration of each and every aspect that surrounds the game itself. Golf course renovation then must deliver TV live broadcasting facilities, merchandising stores and many other requirements for satisfying fans desires and needs.

Furthermore, golf is not only played professionally but also by amateur followers. In fact, that is another chapter which can report considerable earnings and therefore, it must be thought about specially because casual clubhouses’ popularity has been growing considerably in recent times.


Since it is a time-consuming activity, golf course renovation may include a simple alternative to easily neutralize that aspect. Putting courses, which have a nine-hole circuit, are supposed to offer shorter rounds of the game in more affordable terms for both professional and amateur players. Under this modality, the sport is also taken more as a hobby, linked to social interaction which might also include sharing occasional drinks and good times. These putting courses shall be located next to the regulation ones, so it can be considered as part of the golf course renovation project.


In economic terms, it is well known that tour audience is the most influential. “Golf fans invest more actively than other major sports”, claims a PGA recent study. That condition is replied in advertising and in digital broadcasting, as well as in female audience ranks. Therefore, golf course renovation must also consider it not only from the architectural point of view, but also when designing merchandising stores, restaurants, car paths and so.

Last, but not least, sometimes luxury relies on invisible structures like pump stations, drainage pipes or irrigation systems, all of these factors that shall probably be replaced when renovating golf courses. This, which may represent a great part of the investment, is supposed to guarantee a better functioning of facilities and should not be ignored. Moreover, it is not recommended to wait until this understructure fails for its replacement. Among others, that one is a considerable reason to define when to restore and how to do it, if all at once or step by step.

Taking all the aforementioned into account, the planning of the golf course renovation is a task to be seriously considered, at least one year before construction according to the American Society of Golf Course Architects. In conclusion, after the decision-making process you just need to pick the right club and hit the ball, a hole in one will always be waiting.

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