Project & Construction Management

Project Construction & Management

TAS provides expert project management services from the early stage of the project through the construction and up to completion and delivery of the project.

We provide qualified and experienced expertise to guarantee success in every key areas of the project: 

Budget – Quality – Time scale & Scheduling when required, TAS provides on-site full-time project/construction management.

Project management & Comprehensive Management

Project management

We supervise projects extensively to ensure quality and success, meet objectives and requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner and making sure quality criteria are being strictly followed.

Maintenance Management

Combining agronomic consultancy with our comprehensive daily course/pitch maintenance experience, we provide turnkey maintenance services.

Other Project & Construction Managemen Services

New product testing

We use different methodologies to achieve the highest performance of your product, such as physical-chemical analysis in laboratory and test plots. We combine this with an improvement plan, if pertinent.

Staffing solutions

We will find the right person with the right skills to manage any sports surface.


We offer multilingual; Spanish, French and English, individual and group training. Our courses cover the different agronomic and technical aspects of sports turf maintenance, wastewater management or tournament preparation.
What clients say
"Alejandro Reyes and the Le Golf National maintenance team did an exceptional job preparing the course for the Ryder Cup"
Jon Rahm Rodríguez (Rahmbo)
Professional golfer
"I am pleased to write on behalf of Sylvain Duval, who has worked on several Nicklaus Design golf course projects throughout Europe over the last twenty years.
Sylvain’s relationship with Nicklaus Design began in 1990, where he started as Assistant Superintendent at Paris International Golf Club in France, and later became Superintendent. Sylvain then worked at Hanbury Manor in England, Palazzo Arzaga in Italy and most recently at Polaris World in Spain as Project Manager and Director of Golf Course maintenance. There, Sylvain oversaw the construction of six golf courses over a six year period. six year period.
Sylvain has done an excellent job at each of these projects. He is a knowledgeable, hard-working, and detail-oriented professional who handles himself well. I am confident that I could provide value to any golf course and am pleased to recommend him"
Jack Nicklaus
Jack Nicklaus
Professional golfer