Especially for professional golf players, but not only for them, golf courses conditions are essential for a better performance and a more likable experience. For tournaments organizers, it doesn’t matter that much how good or bad players are, since in the end they are all going to complain or congratulate them for the status and playability of the facilities. Consequently, from this point of view it will be crucial to keep courses at high quality levels, which in fact is not an easy mission.

Hopefully, there are plenty of resources to fulfill this task, and everyday new technologies for golf courses maintenance. Therefore, in the next several paragraphs you will find some advises and new techniques to keep golf courts at their best.

Before what, when…

To begin with, the very first aspect to consider is the timing for any refurbishing. We all know it would be an expensive mistake to prejudice the players because of maintenance projects. In fact, it does not matter if it is while issuing a tournament or at training sessions. Considering this a non-negotiable condition, there are two possibilities left. One of them is to perform servicing behind closed doors and concentrate all the required jobs in that specific time.

On the other hand, another one shall be to establish a regular calendar of specific maintenance operations, so as to avoid any disruption on players routine. This second option seems to be more suitable and there are some state-of-the-art technologies for that.

An underground structure of modern drains

First of all, always bear in mind that we cannot control everything. What is more, some natural phenomenon may possibly catch you completely unprepared, like heavy sudden rains or hydraulic stress. One way of handling the first and at the same time preventing the latter is to build an underground structure of modern drains. Those can be connected to specific pipes with the aim of collecting rainwater, which in the short future can be used for irrigating the same and also other golf courses. This new technologies for golf courses maintenance may seem expensive at first. Instead,  it must be considered as a double, long-term investment though, as it will solve current drawbacks while preparing for facing future undesirable situations.

Software to improve water distribution

Together with the aforementioned, plenty of software have been developed to improve water distribution in golf courses. This modern tool will provide you with an intelligent system for maximizing your finite resources, as water itself. Another advantage of computerizing your golf course maintenance is the reduction of manpower dependence, which also means a considerable shrinkage of your budget. In addition, installing high quality aerators are a must if you want to get the most from your irrigation system.

New technologies for golf courses maintenance: an everyday effort

Above all, even when deep full maintenance is paramount, there are relevant everyday painstaking tasks to cope with. This requires fast mobility throughout course, which should be done with modern environmentally friendly golf carts that at the same time won’t cause nor turf damage neither unpleasant noises for players.

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