In Turfgrass Agronomy & Services we truly believe that greenkeeping is a vital part of our services so that the natural beauty of a golf course endures long time and players can enjoy a profitable experience while practicing their favourite sport.

In the next lines, we will highlight the importance of greenkeeping and how you can balance the budget, no matter how big or small the course is. It is fundamental to keep in mind that investing, both time and capital, is going to pay off at some point. Invest to improve! There is no need to say that if the course is agronomically flawed, money will be wasted since reparations and additional maintenance works will be continuous.

Things to keep in mind to maintain the perfect golf course


  • The budget

Greenkeeping budget can become too consumed by product purchases and you may feel like your budget is draining away faster than the rainfall flooding the course. But do not lose faith! Turfgrass Agronomy & Services is ready to take control of your golf course and offer you the best solutions. For instance, if you already are dealing with some issues, we will directly examine and understand the problems and allocate corrective actions to be applied as rapidly as possible in a profitable way. A qualified and efficient maintenance team will save you time and worries. Turfgrass Agronomy & Services will also consider light fixtures, planters or other decorative features, since it is very possible that they will be hit by golf balls, so durable lightweight materials that do not rust or rot are essential.

  • The design

Another relevant factor to consider while planning how to maintain the golf course is the design of the field itself. The design of the putting greens must be excellent, since this is one of the most direct ways to satisfy golfers that visit your course. Firmness, slopes and speed are also three important factors to focus on to maintain an impeccable golf course.

  • Use of water

Reducing water wastage is the next point in the agenda. We want our customers and golfers to enjoy a beautiful healthy green turf all year round. In order to reduce water wastage, Turfgrass Agronomy & Services’s expert team will be ready to anticipate changes in weather conditions and prevent dry spots on the golf course. Moreover, the schedule for irrigation and drainage will be well-planned, so the turf will look at its best at any time. As a result of following these necessary greenkeeping steps you will achieve the best conservation of water and turf!

  • Times of maintenance works

Most of the work to prepare the playing surfaces is done during the first hours of the day, before any player comes into the course. As you know, it takes a lot of effort to maintain all the components of a golf course, but thanks to this hard-early work, Turfgrass Agronomy & Services guarantees that fields will be kept green, plain and ready to start the game! In short, players will not feel any disruptions and consequently they will operate at peak efficiency.

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