How can we keep the golf courses throughout the year? Is it possible that our field acquires that almost impossible green hue that we see in the routes where tournaments are played? In this article, we will talk about some tips for Golf course maintenance. It will be very useful for you to keep your golf courses perfect. Keep these aspects in mind in the maintenance of your courses and you will notice that everything takes much more life, much more color.

7 tips to do the golf course maintenance and keep it perfect


     1. Having a good quality of grass

The optimal golf course maintenance is a truly complicated science. The effort to keep it perfect has been aimed at finding the best herbs, in addition to properly maintaining golf courses, we must take into account some fundamental aspects: irrigation, mowing, general cleaning of the field.

     2. Adequate investment of resources

To achieve ideal greens, it is necessary to maintain a very high and continuous economic investment. In addition to a series of natural resources, especially water, which entail an extra expense.

     3. The caretakers of golf courses

The maintenance of the greens involves factors that are difficult to control, such as the design itself; also the way they are built or even the weather. For this, the role of golf course caregivers is very important, among its important functions are mowing, watering, raking bunkers (obstacles constituted by sand cavities), spraying pesticides and repairing equipment. They also help create new play areas and protect the field of vandalism and misuse.

     4. Lawn care

One of the most important tips for proper golf course maintenance is to brush the lawn to clean it and remove dew. Also, they can move the support of blow of exit and change the holes in the greens, these tasks extend the life of the lawn.

     5. Proper Lawn Maintenance

It is important to rake bunkers to create a level surface, as well as regularly maintain the edges of them. Other tasks performed to obtain good golf course maintenance are to apply fertilizers and pesticides, control weeds and water the grass.

     6. Pest Control

The recommendation in this area for the Maintenance of golf courses is to fumigate with a fumigator that has a pump, a 100-gallon tank and the spreader flute with nozzles. It is important to calibrate the sprayer.

     7. The correct cut of the golf course

The correct cut of the golf course must be hydraulically; they must have the ability to cut all their fairways in one day. The cutoff frequency should be at least three times per week and up to five times per week, the ideal height is 12-15 mm.

In the good maintenance of golf courses influence different aspects as we have mentioned before. The idea of this article is to provide an overview of the most important aspects to consider ensuring the proper conditions of a golf course. And so, keep the lawns in the best conditions throughout the year and that our field acquires that desired shade of green.

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