All you need to know about grass polo field maintenance

Turfgrass Agronomy & Services is specialized in technical agronomy consultancy for the construction and maintenance of sports fields for over 40 years. In this new post we will enumerate some relevant data about grass polo field maintenance. Polo game is now a very popular sport worldwide with more than 100 member countries listed in the Federation of International Polo. In 16 countries it is played professionally, being Argentina the cradle country of the best polo players. We find that it is very convenient to inform our potential clients about the considerations to note with a view to keep their fields flawless for competitions.

The field

A polo field should not be an obstacle for horses or players. In fact, it should be kept minimally longer compared with other sport fields for the purpose of creating more friction. The rules of this sport determine that horses’ legs should be protected and in order to maintain that, the field should be preserved as such. Turfgrass Agronomy & Services takes care of the pre and post-match maintenance allowing the participants and audience to enjoy the game.

Our professional teams are used to provide the most valuable types of grass for polo fields, which are highly adaptable and fast recovering.

The design

Every polo field is different and has its particularities. There are numerous factors which must be evaluated at the time of planning the design of a polo field. Our hard-working detailed-oriented team always takes into consideration the location of the field, the systems of irrigation and drainage -so the grass looks perfect and playable at any time- the type of ground and possible earth movements.

The budget

The budget for grass polo field maintenance is always a relevant issue to deal with. Choosing the right type of grass, tailoring it to the respective location and levelling to the expected usage are the three main factors to respect in order to obtain good results in the long term. One of our top priorities is to guarantee safety for the players and horses, so they can play in a secure manner without contingencies.

The weather

The maintenance of a grass polo field must pass through unpredictable weather events, meaning that it must be able to resist a great deal of wear and tear and to regenerate and dry out rapidly after rain or watering. Regardless of the surface or the weather, Turfgrass Agronomy & Services provides high-quality results, whether the field is desert-like, in a high altitude or at sea level. Our most valuable feature is the willingness for success and to work efficiently to deliver the best results in every field.

Our many years of experience, our team of experts, our thoroughly analysis on field, our focus to detail and the great passion for polo are the secrets of our international success in the sector.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions our doubts you may have about grass polo field maintenance by filling our contact form. Our group of experts will give you all the information you need. We really look forward to hear from you.


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