Agronomy services for golf courses can be divided in four groups:

  • Golf course maintenance & presentation.
  • Golf course audit
  • Golf course renovation
  • Golf course construction – New project.

We offer technical expertise with the purpose of achieving high-quality surfaces for every customer in parallel with planification and creation of adequate organization charts, annual budgets and investment budget.

We conduct complete analysis of golf courses and sport facilities in order to assess the current condition, together with strategic plans for improvements with a view to propose improvement plans and programs.

TAS offer a comprehensive range of professional expertise and agronomy services on all aspects of your project either for developing new courses or for maintaining and improving existing courses.

To achieve successful new development and to ensure the highest possible standards of maintenance, TAS will work closely and interact with golf course designers, developers, club managers and golf course superintendents.



Agronomic services for golf courses

Golf course maintenance.

Regular site visits and technical consultancy to achieve playing surfaces of the highest standard of quality. We focus on agronomic plan, daily procedure and course set-up, staff structure and organisation, staff training, machinery, operating and capital expenditure budget.


Complete analysis and review of the golf course to assess the current condition and review the maintenance practices. Every element of the golf course and maintenance will be taken into account. Presentation of audit reports including precise recommendations and a strategic improvement plan to enable the Club to make adequate management decision and long-term plan.

Golf course renovation

First step typically starts with an assessment of the existing golf course to define scope of work and propose renovation options. TAS provides technical advice during the project phase and assist the golf course designer in defining concept and theme. TAS prepare technical specifications, tender documents and tender process leading the contractor selection. TAS provides project management and quality control during the renovation work, including grow-in period and up to re-opening of the golf course.

Golf course construction

TAS provides agronomy services from the pre-construction phase and up to the opening of the golf course. We have extensive experience in golf course construction and construction methods. We always make sure golf course are being built to the highest standard possible to ensure the final quality meets with the expectations of our clients.

Other Services

Testing products, technology & machinery

TAS provides independent and professional testing methodologies to objectively evaluate your products. We collaborate with leading laboratories in the industry to guarantee science-based data and performance analysis.


TAS offers multilingual, Italian, Spanish, French and English, individual and group training. Our courses cover the different agronomic and technical aspects of sports turf maintenance including general maintenance, plant nutrition, plant protection program, water management and tournament preparation.

Staffing solutions

TAS manage the recruitment process and will find the right person with the right skills to manage any sports surface. Our services include all phases of the recruitment process, the preparation of job description as well as the package negotiation.

Irrigation system audit

You have issues or you are considering renovation or improving your irrigation system? We can provide a full and detailed audit of the system including water storage, pump station, pipe & cable network, sprinklers and water coverage. Ultimately, we can give you the information you need to make informed decisions.