Founded by Alejandro Reyes and Sylvain Duval-two professionals that sum-up more than 40 years of international experience at the highest level of quality, Turfgrass Agronomy & Services provides Independent Turfgrass Agronomy Services.

Turfgrass Agronomy and Services has extensive experience to offer the finest and highest level of agronomy consultancy. We offer a wide range of services to existing golf courses, renovation projects or new development. 

We also have a very strong track record on tournament preparation, team building and golf course management.

We are highly specialised in Turfgrass Agronomy to offer science-based agronomy services for sports surfaces, especially for golf courses or any type of turfgrass associated projects.

We are independent, professional and committed to deliver the best possible service to every client.

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Trimmed lawn and sand bunkers for golfing on golf course, nobody. Meadow in sport club, playground with green grass
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Services We Offer


Project & Construction Management

TAS provides expert project management services from the early stage of the project through the construction and up to completion and delivery of the project.


Irrigation Design & Engineering

Sustainable management of water is our profession. Rational management of water applications, technical study, tender documents, staking out of equipment, works supervision, diagnosis/audit.

agronomy services for golf courses

Agronomy Services

We offer technical expertise with the purpose of achieving high-quality surfaces for every customer in parallel with planification and creation of adequate organization charts, annual budgets and investment budget.


Where Are Our Clients?

A Glimpse into the global reach of our Turfgrass Agronomy Services and how we have made an impact in diverse locations. Join us as we unveil the wide-ranging footprint of our global clientele and how our expertise in turfgrass agronomy has helped them thrive.



Plan your golf course project with world-class experts.